My Tips For Oily Skin


I believe that for a young man grooming is the most important part of getting dressed, you could wear an amazing outfit but if you are not well groomed your efforts won’t mean anything. On Social Media a lot of my followers have been asking me about what products I use for my skin and how I take care of my skin. My skin hasn’t always been in the best condition, not only do I suffer from eczema, but I also have extremely oily skin. As a teenager I felt very self-conscious and spent so much time and money trying to find the right products for my skin, I’m proud to say that I have found the right products and also the perfect daily grooming regimen to look after my skin. Here are my summer grooming tips:

Wash Your Face Twice A Day


We live in a world that is full of pollution and during the day our skin tends to soak in some of these toxins in the air. When you are suffering from oily skin this can make your skin itchy and irritable. In the morning & evening I use the Vaseline MEN oil control face wash, it contains glacial clay which goes deeply into your skin to remove access oils, this is critical in the evening to remove those toxic oils.

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Exfoliate & Cleanse


Most men think that exfoliating and cleansing is for women only, that’s incorrect. Exfoliating is important for our skin because it opens our pores, clogged pores trap oil in your skin which causes pimples and acne breakouts. I exfoliate my skin 3 times a week, to exfoliate I use Vaseline Men Deep Cleanse face wash  I love it because it isn’t harsh on the skin. In the past I have used exfoliators that have had the reverse effect on my skin.

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Sun Protection is Important


We all know that sunscreen is very important, I grew up wearing sunscreen. When we purchase sunscreen we assume just because it’s protecting us from the sun it’s good for our skin but I have learned that sunscreen can cause an uneven skin tone and can also block your pores. Recently I started using the Vaseline MEN SPF 15 Moisturiser which also contains vitamin B3 which helps on soothing and evening your skin tone.

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Moisturise & Hydrate


Your skin won’t feel and look good if you are not feeding it the right nutrients and applying the right product. Personally, I moisturize my skin twice a day, using different types of moisturizers. In the morning I use the Vaseline MEN Oil Control Moisturizer because it keeps my skin oil levels under control and in the evening I use the Vaseline MEN Hydrate & Soothe Moisturizer as my skin gets dry when I sleep.

These are my tips to keep your skin in good condition but also make sure you hydrate!

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