The Next Chapter

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Positano ,Italy


This is my first blog entry in almost 5 years and I am quite excited to be sharing my next chapter with you. When I started The Threaded Man 6 years ago, writing was a passion of mine but as the company grew, somewhere along the line I lost my urge to write. I got caught up in the system of being an entrepreneur, chasing money and deadlines between all the media interviews, events and lots of travel.


Last year I found myself spiritually and mentally exhausted at the age of 23, my business was going through some tough challenges and my personal life was also in shambles which led to my depression becoming worse to the point where I tried to commit suicide. Over the last 6 years I have come to learn that our struggles are not a dead-end to our lives but the wings to propel us to the next level and I want my website to be a resource in building your wings. On this platform I will openly share my journey, exploring different life lessons I have learned both in business and my personal life. I will keep my entries short and to the point, making them better and effective for you.


Welcome to Siya